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Background Story

There are lots of foldable chairs on the market, but we noticed that many of them or the camping gears require taking more time and several steps to put together. If less time is spent on set up, the more time is saved for enjoying.

Another seemingly inevitable issue with most foldable chairs is that no matter what kind of chair you bring along to the outdoors, even the lightest ones take up space in your backpack, it’s still the burden for space-conscious people, so we wondered if we could give the chair another purpose when it’s folded. Therefore, we came up with the idea of combining these functions and Ta-Da Chair was born.

We made operating the chair super fast and easy, just like opening and closing an umbrella – absolutely effortless, perfect for users of all ages. However, it’s not easy to make a simple and one-piece design that is as steady and durable. From the structure to the material, we spared no detail and worked hard to overcome the challenges. After months of tests and adjustments, we managed to create the folding chair that met our standards, and we sincerely hope you will find it amazing, too!

When it comes to outdoor activities, we all know how much we appreciate gears that are efficient, lightweight and versatile to save us from hassle.

Whether you want to take a short break during the hike, stay put to capture the perfect shot or wait patiently while fishing, it is when quick and comfortable seating comes in handy. Ta-Da Chair Series 2 is the ideal essential for those who seek portability and functionality. 


When stashed, It serves as a hiking stick with a comfortable grip; and to make it a chair, it takes only a second to set up. Let us show you how fast and easy it is to set it up!

Ta-Da Chair Series 2 is perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities: camping, hiking, beach trips, picnics, festivals and concerts – you name it!

It folds slim into a hiking stick that boasts extra mobility and won’t occupy any precious space in your backpack when you’re out there venturing. Grab a chair and enjoy the moment. Wherever, whenever!

Key Features

  •  Instant Set Up: Easy unfold & take down in 1 second
  •  Lightweight Durability: Aviation-grade aluminum alloy material weighs less than 1kg (2.1 lbs)
  •  Robust Structure: Steady & high weight capacity that holds up to 130kg (286.6 lbs)
  •  Ergonomic Seating Height: 50cm (19.6″) above the ground, effortless sit down & quick get up
  •  Solid Seat: Firm seating without sinking in
  •  Versatile Use: Double as a hiking stick that takes no extra space in your backpack

Ergonomic Design

A simple design is not equal to compromising on the details. In order to be comfortable from sitting down to getting up, the seating height is 50cm off the ground, while most camping chairs and stools sit low, so no need to overly bend your knees and scrunch your legs to get up!

When sitting down, your legs are in a natural position with sufficient space to keep yourself comfortable.

No-Sag Soild Seat

Most foldable camping chairs come with fabric seats that allow you to sink into it, it is difficult to get out of and could be uncomfortable for your legs and knees, or it gets saggy after some time of use. When you sit down, The solid texture seat provides a firm seating; and it is also a breeze to get up when you need to act fast on the move.

Instant Set Up

With its special design, setting up is easier than ever, just like opening and closing an umbrella. Simply release the seat lock, push the switch grip down and secure it. It takes only a second, and you’ve got yourself a comfy seat!

To take down and stow it, pull the seat up and lock it back into a slim stick.


Strong & Lightweight Structure

Ta-Da Chair Series 2 is a compact yet heavy duty chair. The aviation-grade aluminum alloy structure allows the chair to hold its position and prevents it from collapsing easily. Combining the reinforced stainless steel rim and the safety buckle, it weighs only 1 kg (2 lbs) yet supports weight up to 130kg (286 lbs). The anti-slip and anti-sink rubber feet with a spiral pattern that provides more stability, allowing the chair to be placed anywhere from pebble path to smooth surface.

Zero Burden on The Road

Aiming to provide great portability and extra mobility, it is light in weight and comes with an ergonomic handle that is made easy for taking it on the go and serves as a hiking stick, taking no space in your backpack or luggage.